Help with 06 kx250f susp settings

I weigh 130 pounds. I dont have enough cash right now for a revalve/respring. What settings would work best for me until I can afford new springs. I will first set the race sag. Any advice on clicker settings ?

Thanks in advance for any help. Plus does it take a while for the suspension to break in.


On the Comp. settings go two clicks under the halfwat point.( if 20 clicks total,go to -12 counterclockwise-Rebound go to the halfway point)This is a good starting point.Remember,everytime you adjust one it affects the other!You should always be within 2-3 clicks of each other unless you have custom valving.You can also lower the fork oil level to soften the initial travel.

When you say go to -12 on comp is that that going clockwise or counter clock wise

Clicker settings are counted out, from the full clockwise position. Do not over-tighten.

I'd set the sag, and then ride it. Change it after you notice something you don't like. Don't fix it unless it's broken kinda thing..

Getting the right springs on it is the most important thing. You will need a 4.8 shock spring. You might be able to trade with someone who needs a stiffer spring on a CRF250X. It has the spring you need. Fork springs should be next on your list, to keep the suspension balanced but the Honda springs are a little too short for the new Kawi fork. I wouldn't worry about a revalve until you've used up the adjustability you have and are pushing the limits of your suspension.

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