cold springs/ Reno area singletrack??

hello, i am from phoenix traveling with work to cold springs. noticed a lot of trail around the hills. can anyone tell me where i can find (easily) some good singletrack trails in that area. maybe a trail guide too?? any info will help. leaving in the AM regardless w/ a bike. thanks

Good luck ... weather sucks right now.

To answer your question. Heading 395 North,Get off at exit 80 (Cold springs Valley) and go left at the cattle guard go left at the end of that road about 1/4 mile. this road will turn to dirt. Go on the road and turn right under the huge metal high power lines and over the railroad tracks. Continue on this road till you get to the OHV signs. This is where most people stage. Ride from here up Peavine, bearing right (West). You should be able to see the off shoots in the wooded area, what you might call single track.

However, because of the weather, Id recommend staging in cold springs at the beginning of the housing on Crystal Canyon Blvd. and go left into cold springs valley, lot of roads and open area, but not single track...

Here's my last GPS trail of the Cold springs area...

To the far north you have Cold springs valley, to the far East, the Stead Motocross track.


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