Fender brace on E models?

Hey TT DRZers,

Who has installed the Summers fender brace, or the Pro Moto Billet rack on their E model?

I'm adding the UFO tailight to mine, and I already have a toolpack with mucho cr@p in it :thumbsup:

Anyway, I read in one post that a bad crash with the UFO unit on an E model can rip the whole thang off! :thumbsup:

Anybody know the real deal?


I have SS rear fender brace because the ufo tail light was too heavy and was going to snap the rear fender.... But i do not know the real deal.... :thumbsup:

I have the Acerbis SS front fender brace, and bought the rear brace, but im going to give it away or trash it cuz it doesnt fit the DRZ. On my fron tfender I run a moose front fender bag loaded w/tire supplies. works just fine w/o the SS brace. Brace is a little overkill, but got it free so go figure...

I have an SRC fender brace and rack on my E.

Has performed very good for many miles in Baja.

If you PM me with your e-mail address I will send you some pictures.

I am puter challenged.

Don't know how to post them here.

Corky :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

If you've already braced up that fender, I have a Suzuki rack you can bolt onto it. I don't need the rack, so I'll consider parting with it for a reasonable offer.

Thanks for the info.... :thumbsup:

My buddy had the Summers rack on his DRZE on our Baja trip, and the thing kind of got rattly and loose by the end, also the Suzuki welds broke at the seat bolt, but that's another story....becuase of that, I'm leaning towards the Pro Moto Billet piece. Sounds like the UFO piece is one heavy sucka'


So I better get something. Pro Moto Billet says their rack doesn't support the fender, but it looks like it could be tied together, has anyone done that?

I'm also thinking of adding the chainsaw rack, for trail days......

This bike is gonna weigh more than an S by the time I'm done :bonk:

You sould search Tonn's racing. The guy makes a pretty nice back rack for the DRZ and real nice skidplate.

I'll let the Zook rack go for $50.

I checked out the Tonns site, but it looks like they only make a rack for the S :thumbsup: That's the nicest looking rack of them all, too bad.

Horcorner, I think your rack is for the S as well?

I still have to bolt on the UFO light and see where things line up....

I have the SRC rear fender brace + UFO taillight and suz rack on my E. The rear bolts of the brace are a bit difficult to mount with the tailight on there so I mounted the brace with the front bolts then welded a U shaped piece of aluminum to the brace that went up under the fender forward of the taillight and the rear 2 bolts of the rack bolt through it. It works great, the suz rack is good once the extra crap has been cut off it and all is well in floppy fender land. :thumbsup:

That sounds really close to what I'll have to do....got any pics?


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