Taking pictures whil on the trail

I spent all weekend riding in Moab, and I even packed a digital camera in my pack, but I CANNOT get myself to stop and take any pictures! :bonk: I have too much frun riding, and I don't want to stop! I really wish I had a helmet camera. :thumbsup: Is it really worth it to take the time to stop everywhere and take pictures? :thumbsup: I probably would have wasted at least 1 hour a day taking pictures.


i find that i take pics if i carry the camera in a camera pouch ziptied to my chest protector. i never take the time to get pics if it's in my pac. i prefer to use a cheap camera too. my last digital camera died after being flung to the slickrock on golden spike trail. luckily it was 4 yrs old or so and only cost $150 new.


I had the same problem when I carried my camera in my backpack. Solution? Make your camera more accesable.

I do one of two things. Most of the time, I wear a vest when I ride, and my camera rides in a front inside pocket, easy to get to. This is pretty good.

The rest of the time, I have a better solution. I found a super padded (kind of armored) compact case for my camera, and I zip-tie it to my chest protector, or hang it off the chest strap of my camelback (also affixed with a zip tie for backup). This way, I can usually get the camera out and ready before the person behind me on the trail rides by.

The secret to getting good riding pictures is a tad elusive, but one key factor is --- TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES! One of them is bound to turn out good!

or hang it off the chest strap of my camelback

Ditto. It helps also if you have a quick camera. I have to slide open the lens, wait 5 seconds for the lens to pop out, then its finally ready. It makes it hard to get those spontaneous shots.

Ditto. It helps also if you have a quick camera. I have to slide open the lens, wait 5 seconds for the lens to pop out, then its finally ready. It makes it hard to get those spontaneous shots.


Like everyone has said its work to take a photo but worth it. Keep the camera easy to get to. I put the camera in an enduro carry all. Still have to stop and take off gloves to take a pic. :thumbsup:


Photography is a job but well worth it when you get to share the pics with friends.

I love taking pictures and so do our other club members. It's great to chat online for days after the ride and poke fun at each other.

Just click here to see what I mean by pictures.

I try to scoot ahead and take some pix as the other riders come up the trail.

We also try to stop at difficult sections so catch the spills.

Great fun.

I've got one of those real small dgitals, and I usually wear OTB pants and keep the camera in the pants pocket. Easy to get to, and small enough that I don't even notice its there while riding. I'll usually have everyone give me a headstart whenever we're all together at a trail intersection or something, and I'll ride ahead, find a good spot, and take pics as everyone goes by. Then I just jump in behind everyone until the next place we stop. There are those days though when I just say to hell with the pictures, I'm having too much fun to stop. :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: I use a fanny pack(fag bag) on the side on my hip so you don't feel it when you ride. Also, when you take your pictures its a good idea to put riding buddy or part of your bike somewhere in the shot, it makes for a way more interesting shot. :thumbsup:

I for the most part always take a camera along to capture the highlights of the ride and can view them long after the trip. We just got back from a ride to Pahrump Nv. going through Death Valley. I didn't take a camera this time because this particular group likes to ride hard and fast and doesn't give me much of the opportunity to stop for pictures.

I am now regretting not taking my camera. So many cool things to see including Barkers Ranch (Charlie Manson's hide away)and some of the incredible valleys, mountains, mines, and wildlife.

On past rides we usually try to get a few people to take cameras along and compile all the pictures together to really capture all the elements and riders of that particular ride.

Someday I will be to old to ride, but I can always go back and look at my pictures to remind me of all the fantastic adventures I've been on.

I take pictures on the trail because the desert is new to me and I find it fascinating. I imagine that over time, I will be less inclined to.

However, most riders stop so frequently that if you want to take pictures it's easy enough.

Ever notice, that you (camera guy) are never in any of the pic's? It's like the old 35mm day's -I had a really nice Nikon. Ton's of killer pic's, but I was never in any of them. Oh well.

BTW, I scored a killer little tripod at Campmor- Ultrapod II, that can be strapped to tree limb's/fence post's or handle bar's for those group foto's-if you have a timer on your camera. It has leg's too-for flat surface's.



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