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I know its a two smoker, but look at the image closey and tell me what you see if completely different.


Here is the four strokke, can anyone tell me whats wrong? Anyone?


Shock mounted under the frame. Would'nt that bust up the shock on rocks or if you cased a jump?

spotted it in under 2 seconds. Whats the point of this post?

I think this was in an old issue of dirt rider. Some kawasaki testing or sumthing.

yeah yamaha tested that type of shock position during the 90's. not sure why they scrapped the idea

imagine the amount of mud and dirt youd get packed in the shock. we'd be replacing seals so often. :thumbsup:

I think it wouldent work as well.

it would get a significant amout of more weight down lower though. You'd need some kinda of skid plate and still get some good venting.

I like my shock how it is now

i saw a picture of the first bike in a magazine. its supposed to lower the center of gravity, but like you guys said it'll get packed with mud real quick.

yeah, looks like some chinese or jap. engineers wanted to see what they could do


ohhh i see what the problem is...its a kawasaki. i get it now. haha

I kinda like the idea. I'm far from being an engineer but it would seem that with the shock located horizontally instead of vertically, the bike would handle much more predictably because all force would be directed forwards instead of up towards the rider. Just my two cents.

Keeping all those forces and weight that low would be good. Unfortunately there is already weight there.

Getting the up/down motion of the swing arm to effectively/efficiently translate to the horizontal motion needed to compress the shock seems tough. Ill bet the geometry behind that is what killed it.

That shock! but the point of this post is?

When I was younger I had an Italjet H&H 350 that had the shock mounted under the bike like this and even as a young kid I was always afraid of damaging it out in the dirt

I am no expert, but I think flattrackers have been using this setup for years. It must work well, just too easy to damage the shock in off-road riding.

They were probably testing how they could get the linkage to work and how the weight being moved around affects handling. Obviously the shock would have to be better protected it they went ahead with that.

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