Pics of 05-06 exhaust

Ok I'm looking to get an aftermarket system and while I would like to say it's all about the performance :thumbsup: it hs to look cool too. So come-on post pics of your rides and lets see the pipes...... :thumbsup:



Yea adct ya can't go wrong with the WB setup looks awsome!

I know ya all got em' let's see em'!

I think everyone's all "pic'ed" out from all the damn "Let's see those 450's!" :thumbsup: and "Let's see 'em again!" :thumbsup: threads. . . do a search. You'll find a ton.

I just went from an FMF Factory 4.1 slip on to an FMF Q. This change improved the "grunt" factor and smoothed out the top. I'm an old guy (43) and was having way to many "moments" with things the way they were.

As far as bling - the Q is a nice complement to my black rims / gold hubs and some of the other anodized goodies I have on my 05. I like the flat green/gray with a big black FMF logo on the outside - didn't buy it for that though.

I heard DMC makes a good pipe. . . :thumbsup:

What happened to Jemco exhuast? :thumbsup:

Stock is great, unless you are RC, or you wad up the stocker...


I heard DMC makes a good pipe. . . :thumbsup:

You are correct! I will see about posting some pics of this preposterous powerhouse!

Insane? How so? From my gathering of info, it is a very mellow exhaust. :thumbsup:

I'm not a pipe expert however I live & ride at 7300 Ft., I noticed a huge difference between the stock pipe and the T-4. :thumbsup:

Sounds killer also!

The T-4 looks cool but if it is as loud as people are saying forget it. Last weekend at our local track some guy pulled up outside the gates of our local track with a sound meter. I hope he was just a curious guy with a meter....not too likely.

I'm thinking the new Yosh RS-2 slip-on...

ti-4 or Wb Carbon ProII

hands down,i think the best exhaust...

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