Hey you Yamadog fellas. Any of you removing your kickstand on your "enduro" versions? My dad has a 00 426 and at 5'6", he can't get a kick to start the thing on level ground. He would like to mount a stand on the bike to lean it so he can get a kick from the pegs! Any reccommendations besides this? Will a WR stand fit a YZ?


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bajadesigns and rockymountain both sell kickstands that bolt on yz.yz doesnt have kickstand mount welded on frame so wr stand wont work.if he buys a aftermarket kickstand dont get one the bolts thru swingarm.drilling holes in swingarm weakens it dramatically.

i recommend growing some legs. works great for kicking the dirtbike and wearing shorts.

I've been usin a leg stretcher for 2 mos now and have gained an inch in height. They work great. In a couple years I will be 7ft.

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