2005 CRF450 Valving question

I purchased a 2005 CRF450 used in the fall. The suspension (valving and springs) was set up for a 150 lb "B" rider by Factory Connection.

I am a 200 lb "B" rider.

Can I get away with just changing the springs or would the valving need to be changed too?

I keep going back and forth between-

A. Sending it back to them and paying around $600 to have it set up for me

B. Putting the stock rear spring in and .49's in the front. (That is what I hear everyone is doing)

C. Putting the stock springs in and going from there.

Any opinions?

the valving isn't weight dependant whereas the spring rates are.

Go with the stock springs and see how it is before you go with the heavier fork springs.

I vote C !!!

OK... that was what I was not sure of.

Thanks for the help!

At 200lbs you need stiifer springs than stock, especially in the front. Stock are .46s, you need to go to .48s. In the rear, it is a 5.5kg spring (if it tests out properly) and personally I would go to a 5.6 or 5.7. But do a static sag measurement, which your owners manual will show, and see where it comes out to. You might be able to milk the stocker. But go stiffer in the front.

myself at 180 lbs and fairly fast for an old guy have 48kg in the front and stock on the rear and am very happy with stock valving and heavier front springs,

OK.... I get what you are saying about the spring rates. That part makes sense to me.

I was not sure about valving being setup for a 150 pound "B" rider.

I guess I will get the springs for my weight first and take it from there.

Thanks for the help everyone!

You will definitely need at least the stock springs re installed. They should be good for your weight. Also, FC will usually revalve their work at no charge if you have the info from the previous work they did. You'll still have to pay for shipping and I believe fluids. They really stand behind their work. I would at least call them regarding valving options.

Yup... I have called and talked to them. They were very cool about everything... did not make me feel stupid or like I was bothering them.

If I pay for a full fork and shock "service" they will do a revalve at no extra cost.

After the service and spings it will come to between $600-700. Before spending that kind of money I would like to ride the bike as it is and see if I like it. I just know that the spings currently installed (.44 front and I think 5.4 in the rear) are WAY to soft for my weight.

If am going to take the forks apart anyway I have no problem buying a pair of .49's and throwing them in instead of the stock .46's. But spending close to $700 without even putting one lap on the bike seems foolish to me.

I am coming off of a 2003 RM250 with stock suspenders. The KYB bumper fork was terrible.. I am hoping for a big improvement with the Showa Twins.

I believe the valving will be OK with a change of springs .49 front and 5.7 rear. I am 200lbs and a B rider as well and went to .49 front and even felt the stock rear spring at 100mm with 25mm sag was good. good luck, Kevin

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