New KLX300 owner

Picked up an 03 in december last year that was bought new in january of 05 and traded in on a quad a few months later, so very little time on it. Paid $2800 for it.

Did a few mods based on what I've read here:

Removed air box lid

took out breather restiction

brake line guard

It already had an FMF exhaust on it w/stock header

Ground opening of header to match cylinder opening

The back fire screen was already gone, or maybe it

didn't have one, there is no remains of one visible

All the mods made a big difference. I ride faster desert and mountain single track, from 6000 to 8500 feet. The jetting seemed to be well sorted out. It definitely needs stiffer front springs and thats next on the list. I also think it needs a tooth or two less on the rear sprocket for a little more topend in the desert. Overall I'm very happy with it, it does well in both types of terrain.

One question, I would like to put an MX style rear fender and front number plate on it. Any idea where to get said parts, and possibly part numbers?


Thanks for the info. Do you think a front number plate off some year KX would fit the KLX?

I think it will... I'm sure someone can confirm.

i got a used one that came on my bike 2 years ago guy claimed it fits... iam not using dont know what it worth let me know......

Are you talking about the plate of fender? What year is your KLX? Another question I have is where to buy Race Tech front springs (best price)?

iam talking about the front number plate... my bikes a 1998 klx 300 and when i got it used from the dealer it had the light off and the number plate on.. i wanted the light for if i had to ride at nite but lite is kinda dim for nite but better then nothing.... would sell it if interested...

What color is it and how much do you want?

hey painless 43 send your email address on the personal messages here and i can give you full details ... kaw 300 r thanks

I just ordered one from Dennis Kirk for $20, plus an MX fender and a sprocket. The number plate fits a KX 250 (03)

I'm sure I can make it work. Thanks anyway though.

yes i think thats what mine is,, a bolt fits the top middle hole and the bottom he put plastic ties neatly to hold left and right side of (bottom ) plate thanks any way.......

chapparal is the cheapest place for Race Tect springs & valves

They couldn't get them for the KLX300. I ended up getting them from Midwest Action cycle, $100.

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