Need help with fuel line routing

2000 S using stock tank, E petcock, E FCR.

I just took the IMS 2.6 off to put the steel tank on for street riding SM. Everything worked fine with the IMS but now the alignment of the petcock and carb hard lines make it impossible for the fuel line I was using.

The carb input is about two inches below but only about 1 inch behind, making the fuel line take a hard S bend that crimps it to the point of not flowing fuel.

I'm trying to avoid using the S petcock so I don't have to use a vacuum line, but the downward orientation would probably solve my problem.

Not sure which will be quicker: futzing around with my setup as is (buying more hose to mess with) or just getting the vacuum fitting for the FCR and installing the S petcock again?

I wanted this together by Wednesday so I could cruise that night...



Hmm. Wonder why the petcock and carb fuel fitting are so close with this setup? There must be others who have the same thing you do, so hopefully they'll chime in.

Obviously, for Wednesday, you can always go back to the S petcock and run in on Prime.

Why don't you just use the IMS for the street. ???

Try getting more/longer fuel hose from a mc shop.

No MC shop in the area stocks fuel line by the foot; they're all "retail" shops not more oriented towards service like a smaller shop.

Even if I get more/longer fuel hose, I'm not sure what to do with it. I'll probably have to make a loop of some sort.

The natural IMS I have is just plain ugly at this point. I have a spare metal tank that I want to paint silver...eventually.

Yeah, I forgot about running on prime. Gotta give it a shot I guess...

Thanks guys,


The "S" petcock in the "PRIME" setting is the same as the "E" petcock in the "ON" setting... if the S petcock would solve your problem, then use it. I've been running the S petcock (for the same fitment reasons) with all different tanks including IMS 3.9, steel, stock E, and a custom aluminum YOSH DRZ450 factory works tank... It works great... :thumbsup: Andrew

If I had the stock tank going, or any other tank that wasn't transparent, I'd want a Reserve to back me up. So I can see where handful is coming from.

Use Prime on the S petcock for the next week or so. And order the vacuum fitting that goes into the cylinder head for the S petcock. You need #29 and 31:cylinder_head.bmp

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