What power washer PSI?

Im looking to get a pressure washer, and i want to know what the appropriate PSI would be. I want it to be able to easily take off mud and dirt, but not damage the bike or graphics. What do you guys have?

3000 psi is good as long as you have enough gpm

3000 or 2500

The gpm is just as important as the psi so shop around.

I have an old Generic pressure washer (electric) and it only puts out about 1200 psi (which for washing bikes is plenty)and I have taken off my graphics and put a hole in my seat with it.

So, you don't need a whole lot of PSI, you just need to pay attention to what your doing (a friend's wife accidentally took off some skin because she wasn't paying attention) . Adjust the nozzle so it has a nice "fan" when it contacts the bike and you should be alright.

Changing the tips will make a difference as well. I have one that came with my Honda Preasure washer....it pulses at a very high rate of speed and has a circular pattern to it. It works very well on the tough mud and oil spots....then change out to a fan bit when hitting the plastics.

2500psi is great, I would not recommend anything much smaller

So what is the gpm on most of your guys' washers?

I'm also in the market for a new one, My electric just isnt cutting it anymore. I'm looking for a really quiet one around 2500 psi. any help?

I like the elec husky 1750, dunno if i'd want anything more powerfull then this for washing my bike.

So what is the gpm on most of your guys' washers?

I have a Excel pressure washer powered by a 6.5 horse B&S engine. It is a 2 GPM and has 2500 PSI. It seems to be a good one, I bought it last year and used it quite a bit. I got it at Home Depot for appox. $300

mines 2500 psi i think

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