I know this is in the forum somewhere but I need to know what are needles and jets for a power up kit for riding in Michigan? Thanks

whuts your elevation?

Not exactly sure but probably close to sea level. I dont live far from lake Huron. Really close to St Clair River.

Living next to a Lake doesnt mean its sea level. I looked it up and found that lake huron is at 581 ft.

Well then that is about my elevation. Thanks :thumbsup:

so the stock jet is 98 you might wanna go for a 108 main? Im not for sure...

Sorry to hijack but I've been reading other threads and want to clarify before ordering....

At sea level is this the right setup?

42 pilot and 115 main? Leave the needle alone or?

What carb is it? Mikuni? I'm not at home to check the bike right now.

Also planning to remove snorkel and exhaust baffle.


I Can Only Attest To What Has Worked For Me 42/115 Stock Needle In The 4th Clip

its a keihin i beleive, and most people go for a 108,110 and 115 main and 42 pilot, with the stock needle clip in the 4 position..

Thanks guys for the info.

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