Desert Ride

Cool picture taken last Spring. :thumbsup:<a  href=im0024910kd.jpg' alt='im0024910kd.jpg'>

looks like you had a nice camera to take that picture.

Very nice!

Very nice, crystal clear. :thumbsup:

Oh how I hate snow. Awesome picture.

Looking good!

looks like fun :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Hey, I know that guy. We have had great rides together. Looking forward to summer.. Right?

Great photo!

Very cool.

Thats one of the better pics i`v seen! cool.

great pic :thumbsup:

i wish I could go riding soon though :thumbsup:

Awesome picture....can imagine the digi cam you took it with, very clear and sharp, i wish i could try the desert....lets just say that won't happen, up here in Quebec you could bearly find sand, :thumbsup: j/k

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