Dillion's Beach camping/riding?

I'm trying to plan a camping trip with my best friend to the the coast this summer. There are two stipulations we want to bring our dogs, and i want to bring my bike. The only place i can think of where i might be able to do both is Dillion's Beach. Has anyone camped there with their pups & taken their bikes?

another question, do u have to run a paddle tire in the sand? Is it really a bad idea to run my regular knobby?

No bikes allowed at Lawsons Landing at Dillons. Great place to bring the dog though.

The only place to ride on the beach in California is Pismo or Samoa Dunes in Eureka. Samoa Dunes is very small and I wouldn't recommend it. I believe the camping/riding combo can only be had a Pismo.

There used to be riding out on a beach near Garberville but it has since been shut down. Wasn't worth riding anyway.

No riding @ Dillons, the Jet skiing is good just outside the bay though.

Pismo is the best choice for camping & riding near the Ocean.

dillons beach is a shit hole

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