bozeman montana

anyone know of any places to ride really close to bozeman other than the local tracks? I know where the tracks are, but i am looing for a place to go ride after school for just a few hours a day. I want trails and hills, something that will be fun to ride everyday.


Yeah, right. Way too many hippies in Bozo to let you go terrorize their trails. There is all kinds of good fire roads and overgrown roads, but pretty slim on the single track scene. :bonk: 'Course it will be mid-May before you can get to many that go for a fair bit. (Hyalite, Three Bears, Bangtails, and counting) Try north of Ross Peak, it's a little farther up the road, hippies can't buy enough gas to go that far. :bonk: If you got the day, go out to the Tobacco Roots, up by Bell Lake. I know they allowed OHV use 4 years ago, or is that 6, can't remember. :thumbsup: They are sweet mountains and you go right next to Potosi which is a sweet little perk of the area. :thumbsup:

All else fails, put on some slicks and go blaze those million dolla' subdivisions up Sourdough. :bonk: Talk about a perfect road course.

tell me about it i hate those hippies. They are always trying to bring us down.

ok i cannot find the place you are talking about on any map or google earth. can you help me

I assume you are meaning the Tobacco Root Mtn. trails. :thumbsup: In your gazetteer it is on page 26 just southwest of Pony. Pony is SW of Harrison. Sweet area. Potosi is a natural hot springs pool that is a good 98 degrees all year. Bell Lake is at about 112 W and 45.32 N. It's in the Beaverhead NF so give them a call and ask about access and trail openings. Also there is a cool area before you go into the tree line of open land and trails throughout. It is dotted with the remnants of spire rocks that lie about everywhere. This is an area of MT that is not well used and is sort of overlooked. There is no population base anywhere close, so it stays nice. Please respect the area so we will have it for years to come. I hope this helps. Good Luck.

As for the other areas, who knows. Bozo is growing so fast I couldn't tell ya where to go anymore. :thumbsup:


National Forest

420 Barrett St.

Dillon, MT 59725-3572

(406) 683-3900

Just out of curiousity "Are you from MT?"

Disreguard that last one. I see Laurel.

Yo lanebru when did you say you were heading back to MT? I am most interested in the bell lake area. I think Nevakee is hoping there is somthing within 15 min from bozeman where a guy can play for a good 2-4 hours and not have to worry about someone fussing. I'm hoping for that as well and am wondering if one could burn around the Maudlow area and not get bitched at. Any idea if thats possible?

Not gonna find much this time of year, but later on you can ride Bear Canyon. Not tons of riding up there, but enough for a quick fix close to town. If you head up there, don't take the new world gulch trail. Keep going on the road a few hundred yards to the trailhead at the very end of the road.


Give me a quick reminder. Maudlow is up by Sixteen Mile Creek, right. I can't imagine anyone complaining about you shreddin' around up there. It is mostly private cattle and sheep ranches though. There is awesome hunting up there so I'm sure there are some trails you could hop on. Within about 200 sq. mi. there are probably only 100 people if that, but there is probably twice that many guns, so just ask landowners for access. It's definately worth a try for your own private stash riding area.


Yea it is. I ask because I took a trip up there one rainy spring day two years ago and have been meaning to hit up the roads there for awhile. There are tons of trails and roads that head up into the hills. I'll stop in there after spring break and check it out and rub elbows with some of the locals and see what they say. I think the rail road bed up there is abandonded and it would make a sweet high-grade to burn up from the west, Lombard (by the Missouri) to Maudlow then north east to Ringling. I'll be checking it out because its real close and low population. South of Bozeman the mountains are just too nice and more people frequent them. More people = less full on riding! I'll let you know.

When did you say you were heading back to MT?


When did you say you were heading back to MT?

The month of May. This spring can't go fast enough. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Well look us up when you get in I know me and at least one other guy in the Bozeman area who will be looking to ride nearly every weekend and some on the week days.

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