drum brake on xt600 '86


my rear drum is scored & pitted & chews up the shoes. Has anyone ever had the drum filled & smoothed out again or anything similar? Or is a second hand one from ebay the best bet? The biked passed the mot last year but they were a bit perplexed about the inconsistand braking, has good grip, just shows up on the test as bit odd!!

thx in advance for any interest/replies


any random comment would be helpful guys just to show u care!

I'd say your pretty much stuck with getting a new hub or the whole wheel. If the pitting is not too deep and it's not too worn, it could possibly be turned and cleaned up that way.

Sorry, only help I can give is some theory and suggestion, but better than nothing? :thumbsup:

On cars they turn (machine to remove grooving) your rotors (disc) or drums (drum brake). I’ve not heard of motorcycle drums being turned, if they could be, I think you might have to remove the spokes and rim. The other consideration would be if the surface was machined down, would there be enough usable drum material left and would the shoes still expand to meet the drum and function correctly. Basic shoe brake theory is expansion to friction within the drum. If to much drum is removed, expansion could be impacted.

If all else fails, bust it all apart and see if machining x amount will impact expansion distance. If not find someone (somewhere) with a lathe see if they can machine it down, with or without the rim and spokes. You might also ask on news group rec.motorcycle.tech there are a few smart old school guys there.

thanks for your replies guys

i expect i'll probly wait around for a suitable wheel off ebay, they go for about £50 gonna be 20yrs old tho, but as long as it keeps the bike going its all good.

just wanted to see if anyone had done anything like skimming etc.

too much hassle involved for my liking! got enough time spent trying to keep car on the road for work.

cheers guys

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