I wish my 70 looked like this!!

Eh? It's ok looking I guess. Looks like it would go fast though and that's what counts on a dirtbike. Really doesn't matter how it looks.

About $5K for a bike with no rear disk? Kind of half joking, because It does looks cool. I just think that you could also get a used kx65 with the same amount of suspension, front and rear disk breaks at half the cost.

all that and still only an 88... that seems kinda odd to me...

Too much $$$ while it is still a little bike.

dude myne is just like that with the marzochhis in front and reeg complete in back but myne is a 117cc BRRAAAPPP myne looks identical to thy one on reegmx.com

Lets c pics of it Johnny.

its getting work done at the shop im getting a manual clutch ill take pics when i get it bak

that bike is kick ass

i dont...

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