Im going legal

Im going legal

After talking with Targetdrone on Sunday I’m going to make the bike street legal here in Nevada. My big push is the great riding within a few miles of the house means I wont have to load up the truck, I can just roll out of bed and get riding..

Now that said I have looked on line at the Baja Designes kit and also seen 1st hand the and also the set up from Tricksport (thanks again Targetdrone) That I have to say looked pretty cool. So the 2 questions are…..

1/ What one is the better buy.. Baja or Trick Dual Sport .. or something else?

2/ Where is the best place to get whatever one is best? Know a good dealer or on line reseller? Oh and I also need my Scotts damper too so if someone know a good place to get that at the same time that would be great.

Thanks in advice.


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