When is it going to warm up enough to ride here in NY? :thumbsup:

I walked outside today after class and saw it was flurrying. I was so angry. :thumbsup:

I'm sick of the cold already :thumbsup::bonk::bonk::bonk::eek:

I rode today! Pounded out hard laps and warmed right up.

braaaap 5 more weeks!

I know, I just cant wait to get out early in the morning when it is like 65 and sunny to go out and ride. Just a few more weeks!!!!!

I'll just be happy when I get my bike back together.

I haven't had a complete machine since December!! :thumbsup:

It was 3 degrees when I woke up this morning. I can't wait for even just consistent 50 degree weather!

Some buddies of mine are planning a trip to Blue Diamond in Delaware soon. We can be there in 4 1/2 hours, ride Sat. and Sun. then head home. Be a good get the moto juices flowing for spring in about 5 weeks.

Do they allow overnight camping at the track. My one buddy has a funmover that we are using to get there and hopefully save on motel for the night.

i love the cold! there's nothing like flogging a snowy road in the subby.......oh baby!!

No relief in sight for the next week. Looks like a trip south is the only recourse! Well, luckily..............we don't get hurricanes and stuff up here and our Summers are tolerable.

just ride weather doesent bother me :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I don't know how u guys ride in this cold sometimes??? By the time i have enough glove on to do it I have like no lever feel.

.........and now..............MORE SNOW!

.........and now..............MORE SNOW!

Woo-hoo studs are going back on!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

.........and now..............MORE SNOW!

Tell me about it! A freakin foot in the driveway when I got home from work :thumbsup:

It looks like the weather is finally gonna break this coming week!!! Rain on thursday and friday to wash the salt off the road. Street bikes and hot rods out on saturday.

Well, at least it's staying light out longer...............almost to 6pm. Now, I have my bikes all ready to go and have to watch the snow melt. I don't know if I would want to ride around a track w/ the ground still frozen. Seems dangerous.

I was just out at Area 51 Motocross Park. There is not much snow, and some of the jump faces are dry. Can't wait till April 2 for the first race!

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