Street Legal in PA?

Does anyone know exactly what needs to be done to an off-raod motorcycle to convert it to a street legal comute bike? Besides the D.O.T. tires, headlight, taillight, and turnsignals im not surewhat else is needed.

Thanks alot for any info...

I am converting my xr250r to street legal for my senior project. The DMV told me i could register it as a specially constructed vehicle. I believe you need basically everything here in PA. That would include headlight, turn signals, tail/brake light, horn, mirrors, and DOT tires. The Dakar Electrex ds kit that i bought included everything but the tires and mirrors. It was pretty expensive at $500 and i have had several problems with it, but they have since updated the kits. Also, they have great customer support and have been good about sending me the new updated parts.

I am converting a 02' XR400. Bought a baja design kit(pretty sweet) but one thing that doesn't come with the kit is a front brake sensor to turn on your brake light. Comes with a rear but no front. My bike failed pre-inspection cause of this. You also need to get a form from penn-dot, it is a re-constuct, special constuct, modified title application, it is available at any local notary. Make your ride 100% street legal and take the form and your bike to an inspection station for a pre-inspection. Fill out the form, get an inspection station to fill out the form, take pics of bike, save reciepts for everything you bought to make it legal and mail it to penn-dot in harrisburgh and sit back and wait cause I have heard it can take up to 6 weeks to get your modified title back.

Depends on the ispection station, the one I went to does not inforce that. Which that doesn't mean that it is legal. The mechanic said that same stations do inforce it though.

What if the bike came from another state already dual/sported with a plastic tank , can they still fail you?

I put a Baja Designs kit on an XR250R many years ago and presently ride a DRZ400E with a Baja Designs kit and never had any problem with getting either bike registered or inspected. The last time I looked at an inspection manual, I could not find anything about a metal / steel tank. I asked around and was told by numerous mecanics that the 'steel tank' wording had been dropped because many cars now have plastic tanks. Now it just says the tank must not leak and be in good repair. Hopefully everyone is correct. Since I couldn't find it, I'm guessing that they know what they're talking about. And besides they're the ones who will be inspecting the bike. If you go to a Penndot Service Center in person, rather than using the mail and dealing with Harrisburg, you can really speed up the process. If you insist on using the mail, be prepared to get all of your stuff back a time or two and the whole process dragging on for months. This process just took my Brother-in-Law about 7 months to accomplish. He was trying to reconstruct a Yamaha title and Yamaha had stamped the title with OHV or something like that. OHV meant ATV to the people in Harrisburg- even with the photos he had sent! He finally asked his State Representative to step in and after all that time it was resoved in 1 day as I recall. I took everything to the service center in person and after they looked it over, they told me it needed something so I returned to a notary fixed whatever it was, sent it in and had the plate in a week or so. So - do it in person if possible. Good Luck......

I'm intrested in doing the same but was recently discouraged by a dealer and a friend who said that recent EPA reg's will allow only one 'specialty construction' vehicle per person. This is to prevent you or I from building, selling, building, selling etc.

This made me hesitant since I also ride a street bike and would like to build one of those too.

Hey odonnks just build one this year and by the time you finish one the year will be almost over and start the 2nd over the winter, just a thought.My question is though if I go buy a new CRF450X that is dual/sported from a dealer either in PA. or some other state what do I need to do at the dmv to get title changed or do I go to a PA motorcycle state inspection center first for someone to sign off.

dudleyscrf - 'seems that if you're buying the bike from a dealer, it would already be registered and have a plate and inspection on it when you drive away. I think I'd make that a part of the deal you make with the dealer.

But what if the temp plate and certifate of origion came from another state and not PA. I wonder if I can bluff PA's DMV with my reg for my crf450 and get a plate for it, since I have a atv plate from N.Y. they look the same as a road plate.

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