Wanted:KTM 550 plastic

Can't find any for a 96 KTM M/XC 550. I would take the white or orange.....what ever I can find. Any help would be great. :thumbsup:

Still looking. :thumbsup:

No luck yet. :thumbsup:

Hi Gonridin,

I just saw this post. I haven't had much luck finding new plastic either. You can get a black rear fender for them at www.rockymountainmc.com. I've heard other plastic will fit, such as the old 620 RXC, etc. I can't confirm this for sure though. There is a wealth of information on the 550 over at www.ktmtalk.com. Go to the two stroke section, and look for a thread entitled "KTM 440/550". There are over 100 pages of replies. It is a very active thread with great info.

A few of us over there have given in to the idea of grafting plastic onto our bikes. Here are a few pictures of mine, which I modernized with some 625 SMC plastic:




PM me if you've found anything, we're always looking!

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