drz 400 s jetting "burned way" looking for post on best way for this mod

any one know when it was posted or how i can find it? thanks

try searching at the top of page. always works for me. if that doesnt work pm burned. he always helps!! good luck

put your altitude in your post so burned knows what settings you need.

I'm looking for it too. I have a 2005 SM.

I have about 40 threads bookmarked but the info can vary and now I think I'm over informed and lost.

I'm sure its here somewhere but I think its lost in all the rejetting threads somewhere... I don't want to be the 1000th person to bug burned so I was hoping there was a quick URL to the right thread..

I 'm at ~300ft altitude, doing the 3x3, Yosh RS3...

I looked in the tech section but didn't see an article about the procedure..

I'm not a mechanic at all so I really need good instructions :thumbsup:

thanks dude. my altitude is 0.00. live in the bay area but ride in any mountains around. set it up for sea level and guess i can learn to adjust as needed. thanks for the info.

what does "pm" mean???

what does "pm" mean???

Private message.


what does "pm" mean???

Private Message, Price Match, Post Meridian. :bonk:

Any more :thumbsup:

Neil. :thumbsup::bonk::bonk:

pre menstrual? :thumbsup:




Preventive Maintenance

Post Mortem

pall mall

pasta maker

Prime Minister

Paper machet

Post Monkeys :thumbsup:

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