Atlanta SX Injuries

I was there at the Atlanta SX. They had 3 or 4 injuries. Carted two riders off on boards, not moving. Can't find any info on who the riders were and the extent of their injuries. Anyone out there know anything?

I was there also, I believe 3 riders were actually carted off. It was a bad night for injuries I thought. The guy who went down on the first start of the 125 main looked real bad to me. I'd like some info also

yea 3 were carted off

that had to hurt. how long did they hold the race off after that?

They held the race around 10-15 minutes it seemed, not too long. The crash looked nasty.

that wasn't the wreck that caused them to restart the race. Boniface managed to get up and stumble to the quick blocks (thats what they're called right) and lay on them, they just blocked off where he was and kept going. Before that someone wwent down in that same section and had a bike land on him, he laid motionless on the track and they restarted the race.

I was there and remember some dude got hauled off in a stretcher not moving at all. I cant remember what class, I think it was 125 class heat or semi or something. The fireworks and the start of the 250 main were the loudest parts of the race for sure. It got sooooo loud with those fireworks and rumbling 450s. It was an enclosed stadium so it was suuuppppeeeerrrrrrrr loud. But hey, I`m glad it had a roof because I didnt want to see another san francisco because it had been raining all week. I had a front row seat by the bowl turn going into the sand section. Davi millsaps did a heelclicker on the triple in front of us. Already got the recorder ready for the mxdn. Who else is gonna watch it?

at the way the announcers, media segments shown during the race and the race itself just continued while guys were down, injured what looked like seriously. They seemed to try to put a light spin on one of the guys. Said something like banged up some, probably just a collerbone. The guy wasn't moving at all when they wheeled him out. They never gave a status or anything. I believe in the "show must go on" but it was almost like they didn't want to admit these guys were hurt bad. There have been no press releases that I can find at all.

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