03 WR450 case needed!!!!!!!

I was wondering if anyone has bought a new set of cases. I looked it up on Yamaha's parts diagram and they don't sell just one side. Does anyone have a right side case, the side with the kick starter? I started my bike and it kicked back at me and put a 3" hole on the back side of the case where the kick starter is. Any help would be great. Thanks, Dan

Even though you kicked it the engine back fire can damage the cases due to the electric starter drive design in 03 does not have a torque limiter for backfires. The 04 upgrade along with the case repairs is a good idea. :thumbsup:


You will have to replace both halves. All of the critical machining is done to the cases as a matched set (i.e. bearing bores, deck surfacing, etc).

Thanks for the help guys. I am going to look into it.


Indy, is this the woodruff key fix that you posted the picture of? Thanks, Dan

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