Discuss 2007 changes here.

Its almost time for spy photos and what not to start appearing. What are your predictions to what will be change on the 2007 kx450f.

Mine are:

Revised shock

Lower rear link

Better stock chain

BNG of course

Big bars stock

and what I would love to see is one manufactor come with asvs stock! :thumbsup:

id like to see some stronger material reinforcement around oil drain bolts and other parts of the case. Im sure that would add to the weight but man they are like butter.

I would like a JS edition, just like his PC pipe ,those kick a$$ hubs etc...

Stiffer springs. Thats it. Mines perfect.

i would also like to see stronger bolts and what not. I think the suspension is perfect, tho, im only 155. JS edition would be cool.

I think all japanese makes need to upgrade to hydraulic clutches within the next few years.

There is no need for them IMO, and not alot of people are asking for them.

Why would you go with a Hydro clutch. They are not that great. If you look at almost every sportbike now, none have hydro clutchs. They dont have the same positive feel as a standard cable clutch. Remeber what McGrath said when he first went to KTM. The hydro clutch is awesome, i will never run another bike without one. Funny how he isnt running one now.

So far:

Stiffer Clutch Springs and Diff. Fiber-Media.

Diff Rr Spring.

Diff Frt Valving

Space for bigger front sprocket without removing the chain guard

i forgot about the clutch. Definetly a better clutch, mine slips.

Showa suspension like the KX250F.


I called procircuit, who sells i believe hinson or barnett clutches, and i asked them how much a complete clutch kit would be, and they said 473$!!!!! I hope i was mistaken, im calling tomorrow again and i will ask.

I would like to see a better quality chain come on these bikes. Or any bike, for that matter!

i just replaced the plates and springs with barnetts for $109.... www.gopartsdirect.com

can you send me a direct link? i cant find it. I'm giving them a call now.

I just gave them a call, They said they wont have them for a couple of weeks.

how about one of those not made for public bubba stewart skid plates

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