Speaking of moab........

what tips do you guys have for riding down there? I know that i should pack a lot of water, and not use a new tire down there. But what else should i know before i leave this weekend.

I've only mtn biked at Slick Rock in the summer.

Bring water, water, and more water.

A trials tire for the rear would be great. :thumbsup:

There are few places to hide in a lightening storm. Freaked me out. :thumbsup:

I think most of the lightening happens in the afternoon.

yea lots of water

Lots and lots and lots of water

I love it when people give advice, even though they have no experience with what they're talking about. :thumbsup:

Ya man, water............ seriously water is great but it is winter. Do the slikrock, it was more fun for me on a bicycle. You'll still dig it on a MC. There are some kick ass trails outside Canyonlands Park. You can stage on the road that goes to park. Don't ride in the park. Have you considered taking a tour? Elite Tours has a operation there. Talk to Dale, he runs it and knows EVERY trail in the area. He's a great guy and will work with you. Don't tell him this, but he's kinda fast too (for a geezer). If you ever go there in the summer and are at least a intermediate skilled rider let me know. I got the hook up to alpine forest single track heaven. Have fun! :thumbsup:

if you plan to ride more than 4 days bring an extra tire-they wear faster than

on blacktop. camelbaks are a must. Hit the visitors center and get the good laminated maps $15 or so. GPS is handy but if you pay attention most trails are pretty well marked. Bring lots of spare parts you might wear/break cuz nearest real parts vendor or dealer is 3-5 hrs drive. And make use of the hottub you're gonna have sore spots you didn't know existed.

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