Help with fork graphic's

Applied my first set of graphics over the weekend, and everything turned out great except one of the fork graphics, the left one looks chity, there is like white bloches behind the clear parts of the graphics, it was cold out, but i heated the garage first, used windex and a blow dryer, and the right one looks good, where did i go wrong, any help would be appreciated, mike

The exact same thing happened to me. Give it some time and the white junk will evaporate. I poked a few holes in my sticker with a pin and that seemed to help.

Thanks, thats good to know, still can't figure out why it did what it did.

sometimes delamination takes place between the printed backing and the clear top sheet.

Had the same damn thing happen to me...the glue sometimes reacts with the atmosphere (?) Quick question though...anyone had to install a launch control? Can you install it without the fork guard support strap and what's the best position (75mm, etc.) Trying to get in touch with ProCircuit but those dudes are too busy....

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