Front susp. set-up for both dirt and SM....possible?

Has anyone had luck w/ one set of springs/valving on the forks that give enough range for both dirt and SM?

Ive got stock forks with resprung/valved rear shock on the WR426 right now but want to start planning out how I'll upgrade my forks this spring.

I have stock valving in my '03 CRF with different springs... I think a lot of people underestimate how much range the stock valving has.

First, crank up the compression on the front forks. That helps control the dive on the brakes. Less compression in the rear helps the rear end hook up. Dial in some rebound on the rear, and take some away on the front. Only make one adjustment at a time, take notes on every adjustment you make, and write down the difference after a short ride.

SM setups are different than offroad, but I think with a little clicking you could find a good setup for both on the same hardware.


I figured settings would be different but Im just trying to get a ball park idea on set up differences to see if there's an overlap in spring rates and such. I would think you could pick a set up that gave just enough for both terrains. :thumbsup:

Try NOST suspension, it stretches well from offroad to SM and back.

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