rims and size

I am looking at the motosport outlet book. Excel buy together and save deal. 400F-425F? wont a 400 or a 250 pinger rim lace up to a 03 450 hub? :thumbsup:

The rear hubs are the same. The fronts changed PN in '02, but I don't know what the change was. The complete wheel will interchange, so it can't have been much, and if the '02 426 is covered in the set they offer, the set will fit the '03.

02 is the first year of the wider hubs on the YZs up front.

You basically need this for the 250 (2stroke) 4xxf bikes:

1.60x21 36 hole front

2.15x19 36 hole rear

thats what i was thinking wonder why motosport is kind of cutting them selves short

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