check out this pic

i found this on my comp its an old pic of me before i ruptured my spleen in august of 04'..its a sweet jump like 90 feet..4th PINNED lol


lol sorry i accidently put the worng one on..dont think im an idiot that was a mistake

what the hell i cant get it to work


that looks cool


im sorry, but it looks very photoshopped

Well if it is real that is pretty badass. :thumbsup:

Thats cool.

Damn u lookin great on the 85, i wish i was that good. All i have to say is, holy shit

It is chopz0red. Paste it into paint and zoom in on the bike then look around the edges... LOL.. click on Photoshop.. :thumbsup:

nice air.

LOL niiiiiice photo shop'n...... learn to blend better :thumbsup:

cool pic dude.

Cool picture!

hmm, wheres the jump that got you that high?

cool.....but maybe fake

whether its fake or not, a quick spin to dirtworld mx's website will

show others doing the 90 if the track has one, i might go ride that

track in a couple of weeks

it doesnt look fake to me. if you understood how JPEG compression and encoding work, you'd realize that "blockiness" is apart of the JPEG algorithm. sorry to bust your bubbles

I second that. When you save a picture as a JPEG with default values in most programs, there will be "noise" and "blockiness", especially around areas where very light colors sharply meet very dark colors. It's also called "mosquito noise". Don't assume it's been manipulated digitally.

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