Im about a week away from buying a new Yamaha 230...I have 4,000 budget (including gear)

I got quoted an 06 Yamaha 230 for 3,750 OTD....and thats lowest theyd go probably she said.

This other dealership has an 05 witch might be a little less since its older and its excess or w/e.

Now ive been searching these forum the past 2 weeks on all the Yamaha 230 info i can find...and in the year 2005 there aremultiple threads about thier bikes having battery issues...and having the gear slipping issues...

Will I be in for a lemon if I buy this 2005 or will i have to fork over more for the 06 so i dont get a lemon?

Should be fine. Not many people have the 06 models yet and thats probably why you don't see as many threads about it.

id go with the 05 model, i have an 05 and it seems to be just fine for me

if you have to get a yamahog then i would go with a 05 but.................................................................... i would see if you could find a a 2003-2006 CRF150F which you could find an 04-05 for like 3000-3500

Just something to chew on

One thing you might try to knock the cost down - COMPETITI0N!! I bought an '06 model OTD for $3,215 and here's how. The bike retails for like $3,400 and OTD price would have been similar to yours. So I searched cycletrader.com for the bike within a 250 mile radius and found one, '06 brand new, in Toledo listing for like $2,770. I had already made a couple of visits to our local shop, which is where I really wanted to purchase (good folks). I called him up and told him about the deal in Toledo but if he was willing to at least try to approach their price I'd stay local. He made comments about how they try to get you up there and then charge these other hidden costs (which is somewhat true, if you DO travel to get the bike be careful) . . . BUT . . . he wanted to make the sale so he dropped the price. You CAN get the new bike for a lower price, if you try this or something like it (using the appropriate, closest competitor) and they still don't come down . . . GO SOMEWHERE ELSE !! As far as the '06 model, I haven't had it that long but NO problems with the transmission and that includes bouncing around on an MX track this past Saturday and some hill climbing this past Sunday. GOOD LUCK, GET YOUR BIKE AND SAVE SOME MONEY FOR SOME MODS LATER ON !!!

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