How do you change fork springs in the 05 YZ250F (the AOSS FORKS?)

How do you change the AOSS forks? are the springs at the bottom of the fork? Can someone put a step by step? Thanks For the Help :thumbsup:

Probably the same process as the old forks :thumbsup: Loosen clamps, take off fork cap. Put a 17 mm wrench on the damper rod and remove the cap completely. Then pull out the spring.

Unfortunately the oil in the inner chamber can only be truly changed by disassembly (according to the manual). I'm preparing to do my own this time but the procedure has me procrastinating.

Get the manual out. But you dont have to mess with the innerchamber oil (although you would be wise to change it).

You remove the inner chamber from the outer and then swap springs. Really easy with the correct fork cap tools. Then refil the outer chamber and you are done.

Again, get the service manual. If not, go down to your local dealer and copy those pages out of it.

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