What skidplate for the 426?

I'm trying to decide on a good aftermarket skidplate for my YZ426 after casing on a rock last week and can't decide which one to get.

I have seen the ones available in the Parts Unlimited catatlog but can't tell from their pictures how well they fit and/or perform.

The ones I'm concidering are Devol, WorksConnection and Moose.

Do any of you YZ woods riders have a preference for good engine/frame protection from rocks and can post a pic of your skidplate installed so I can decide which to get.

Thanks a bunch, Mark :thumbsup:

My factory skid plate works well. If I where to buy a different one it would be a Works Connection.

Works Connection!! Works great for my 426. No problems here. :thumbsup:

The problem is the OEM plate comes just to the inside edges of the frame tubing and the rock I hit smashed one of the frame tubes right past the guard and below the split under the oil reservour. I want one that extends past the frame on either side but not too far out there in the way either.

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