Women's riding class

Eric Waunch teaches quite a few schools in WA state. he does a good job, I've been to 3 of them. The last women's school I went to was about a year ago and had probably 12 of us? Also, it was nice because we were mostly adults. I think there was only one young girl in it. It's kind of nice for some reason. Anyway, even if you never plan on racing, Eric goes over all types of riding techniques at a great MX facility. He even worked on picking up and getting restarted on the side of a hill which is definitely a trail skill!

So, if you are nearby, check it out. I had a lot of fun and learned tons.


Funny you should mention riding classes, I just took one last weekend at the local indoor track here, Brad Jerominski is the instructor. It was so awesome I signed up for next weekend! I can tell by taking these classes I'm going to get sooo much better.


Well I just signed up for "Dirtbike School" thru MSF. I got lucky it's only offer in two places here in MI one of which is only an 1hr away. :thumbsup: I was listening when you guys said "boyfriends don't make the best coaches" but he still wants to help me out. I figure he can teach me the crashing part since it seems that is what he's best at--just ask the guys he rides with :bonk::thumbsup: or you can see for yourself his site is www.dirt-eaters.com.

I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. :bonk:

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