Front tire

My front tire has started sliding more than I like it and I think it's because it is getting worn some. I ride mostly gravel and rock things along with a lot of grass and fields and little track type terrain. I don't want a DOT tire or don't need one as the bike isn't street legal.

I have the Dunlop 756 on it now should I go with that again or is there a better tire out there? I want the best traction possible and wouldn't mind a long lasting tire.

What do you guys reccomend.

I just started trying the M12. I like it alot so far. Looks alot like the 756, and i hear they last longer. Great traction off road, and prett decent for a full knob on the 15 miles of paved i hit the other day.

What size M12? I only see 90/90-21 vs. the size on there now is 80/100-21 will the 90 90 work?

90/90 will work fine.

Look at Maxxis, I have a cross ht and it has 4500 miles on it and is only down to about 1/2 tread. And they are cheap like $35

I just switched from a 756 to a 742, and I am very happy with the new tire. I had the same problem. The 756 would just wash out too easy on me. The 742 seems to grip around turns much better. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I'm not too worried about that.

According to the Rocky Mountain catalog, the 756 is a soft terrain tire. If you want to stick with Dunlop, you might be better off with the 739.

Dwight Rudder swears by the Pirelli M16 (all terrain), which I'm going to try next. Just happens to be DOT as well.

I had very good results with the M12 front on my DRZ. The S12 front did not last very long.. shedded side knobs like a mangy dog shedding hair. The S12 rear (140 width) was also very good in all terrain. Stay away from the M12 rear. My DRZ ate one in 150 miles.

I like my D739 front. I ride in desert-ish conditions.

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