Women's riding school

I posted this in the women's forum, but I hope my cross post will stand since there are guys whose wives probably don't read this site.

Eric Waunch teaches quite a few schools in WA state. he does a good job, I've been to 3 of them. The last women's school I went to was about a year ago and had probably 12 of us? Also, it was nice because we were mostly adults. I think there was only one young girl in it. It's kind of nice for some reason. Anyway, even if you never plan on racing, Eric goes over all types of riding techniques at a great MX facility. He even worked on picking up and getting restarted on the side of a hill which is definitely a trail skill!

So, if you are nearby, check it out. I had a lot of fun and learned tons.


Firecracker, Nice to know you still kick it in our regional section from time to time. How's the riding down there right now? We got a ton of snow in the mountains right now, it'll be a while before we can head up to the mountains.

Little Jeff

I've been riding the local tracks mostly, or some private land called the "canyons" that's all sandstone bluffs and big deep washes. Or I've been wheeling my Jeep and snowboarding whenever I can, too.

Sharla I hope your enjoying yourself in your new homeland. There has to be some beautiful riding there. Hopefully your job and life are going well. Take care.

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