have motor need advice

so i have a motor laying around that i would like to throw in a bike. only problem being i would like it to be a bigger bike. it is for my fiance who would like to play bike ride, and i think a bigger bike might make it a little easier for her. something bigger then a xr70 if possible. the only frames i can think of this bolting into are the crf50 and 70 frames,,, am i missing one or are those my only two options. i would like to stay away from the older bikes like the sl70 and such. any opinions are appreciated.

Staggs Racing has mid size frames for sale...I think they are made by Pitster.


they are not made by pitster, but they are good frames.

there are alot of frames out there i like but i don't want to buy just a frame. i would like to buy a whole rolling chassis. i think if i buy just the frame and everything else this bike will end up costing me a fortune. if it were that way i would just buy a 110 or 70 in the first place and have a brand new bike. i wonder if pitster sells a 70 rolling chassis

no, pitster does not sell rolling chasis.

Your best bet is to contact jeremiah staggs @ staggs racing. He will build you a rolling chasis that is strong, reliable, and attractively priced.


tell him that you're interested in the midsize frame, and that you would like a rolling chasis built around it. He has swingers, forks, steering stem tubes, everything you need. I'm sure he would be willing to work with you!!

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