MSR Fork support

i think that's the correct company.. it's black.. does anyone use one of these when they tie their bike down ? is it worth it ? I only travel about 10 miles each way to ride.. .. some ppl wonder why i even trailer. i just want to save my knobs.. thats why .... plus i don't like riding a bike in the woods and then having to ride it home w/o transportation around if something goes wrong.. :thumbsup:

someone said to use a partially deflated basketball b/t the tire and fender .. anyone ever do that ? thanks..

Hi Bob,

I'll trade you a slighly used MSR fork support for your 2psi b'ball & a six pack of Chesterfields.


lol, 'bout Lucky Strikes instead>?

I use one.

I found that when I tied my bike in the bed of my pickup the front end would bounce up and down as I drove and eventually the bars would get crossed up and the bike would be loose. I never had any problem with the bike falling out or anything like that, but for peace of mind I like using the support, I can crank down on the straps and know that the front end will stay put.

I just made one out of a piece of 2x4, yes, I am a cheap SOB. Saving up for that Big bore kit. :thumbsup:

The fork support is useful in preventing the extra pressure on your fork seals and springs in transport. Like harjp1959 said, the $10 deal at RM is virtually the same part.

good deal, cause I just ordered the cheap one a week ago!

I use one.....Don't like leaving the forks compressed too much on a long trip and we almost lost a mates 05 yz450 just a week ago. It leaned right over around a corner cos the forks were allowed to sink lower with the weight of the bike pushing down on them, (allowing the straps to slide on the bars).Lucky they were good quality tie downs or his bike would have had some road rash. I wont travel without mine now. :thumbsup:

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