Top end notes/findings (R)

Skip8nr does a great job keeping us updated with pics (see x forum) so I thought maybe I would contribute too.

This is the first top end on an 05.



Took her down last night and had a chance to look things over.

05 with a Bills slip-on, 55 leak jet and stock jetting/motor.

Ran hard when brought home from dealer. Valves have remained in spec after shimming them when done breaking in. I ride anywhere I can but most of my time is spent in the sand because who doesn't love a bermshot sandwich.

Piston was oily as suspected but I don't think much got by the rings.


That's no JE son.


At first I thought the valves did not allow any solvent by them. Then I waitd longer. You can see that there was plenty of oil on top and I can't beleive how dirty the valves and head are.


Here's an intake :thumbsup:


Now for those of you who don't subscribe to the dry method. Shame on you.

A wise man on this forum once said "popcorn fart dry". I listened and also went with a Brush Research 3 1/2" Flex Hone. I ran it back and forth under warm water from the sink (my wife was painting her toes). It was great. I then used brake cleaner until the paper towels were clean to clean up the glorious cross hatch.


I brought it downstairs and took out a beautiful little box that said JE 13.5:1.

I measured the end gaps with a feeler gauge and they were in spec at about .010. After install I ratcheted the kickstarter and moved the piston up and down while letting the cam chain slide through the other hand (stopping a few times to clean the cylinder again with brake cleaner.



Looks good so far. I have to get the valve seats touched up and then I'll button that up with some new hardware and post some pics. Thanks to the Engine builders, Gurus and other fine Gentleman for the neverending tips :thumbsup:

Isn't it a shame that such beautiful bling is hidden inside :thumbsup: ? BTW, I never got a clean pic of my honed cylinder, but it looked just like yours :thumbsup: . I might link to it on my write-up.

It really is a thing of beauty :thumbsup:

The other things of beauty are RHC's valves.....



If you don't have an hour meter now would be a good time to get one.

What do you recommend?

I use the one from Sears. It's a Sendec model you can find in the lawn mower section, $29.

Awsome pics, by the way that piston looks and valves, that motor was pretty healthy

I use the one from Sears. It's a Sendec model you can find in the lawn mower section, $29.

How do you hook it up?

Like this, 1 wire.



Thats great. Thanks!

Like this, 1 wire.



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