Engine fit

Can a rm250 engine fit in a rm125 frame? if not what adjustments would i have to make.

it wont fit without a total refabrication.

will that 250 fit between the swingarm im trying to do the same thing for my son i guess we will find out im buying a 250 motor today and get to fabricating ! i will repost as i try to do this. all help helps thanks

i tried it today forget it it just wont work without cutting the frame to allow for exaust and it looked as if i did it the frame wouldnt be sturdy at all good luck if you try it im going back to the 125 motor !!!

thanks for saving me the work

not a problem fellow rider this site is great for us all to help eachother. i just wish the darn thing would have been at least a close fit.keep the rubber side down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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