Lightened flywheel

Does anyone have on of these?How did it work/how do you think it will work. I dont know if it is worth the money..

They do it for the 150. Go to

They work good. I rode a drz125 with a lightened fly wheel and I liked it a lot. It seemed like it gave it more bottom end grunt and throttle response. That will probably be the next mod. I will be doing to my 150 soon. A lot of people swear by it, but it does make a difference.

arnt you more prown to stalling though cause of the less rotating mass? could you possibly counteract that with the stiffer clutch srings from moose? cause that would be a cool mod to have

with thoes 150's and 230's 1st gear, i see no reason to even put one on!!

I have a team mate that is a CNC machinist and he does it on the side... we take weight off the outer ring not the stamped magnet part itself... when you turn the stamped part down it can distort and start to mess things up... the mod makes a nice difference...

The shiny silver part in the pic is the ring we machine down... that piece is round and to the outer dia of the complete flywheel from the factory...

Nice, another good thing about that approach is you don't lose your TDC mark on the flywheel. My flywheel is turned down on the stamped part. No problems so far but I think your method is better.

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