Portable GPS

I want one that will mount to the bars and don't want it to break.Who has one and what type,brand is it, waterproof, and how many presidents did it cost you...........Thanks, ride on......... :thumbsup:

I have a Garmin GPSV , and use a Ram mount to the bars, or in other vehicles.

It is compact, waterproof, dustproof, and durable. It has a backlit monochrome screen. It also does turn-by-turn directions, and in-route recalculation (on the fly). I paid between $300-400 a few years back.

As with many high-vibration mounted GPS units, batteries are not the way to go. Whatever you end up with, use a power connection. The vibration of a running, moving motorcycle will disrupt the electrical connection of the batteries for long enough to shut the units down. PITA, if you are actually relying on the unit. Rig up a reliable power source.

Cycoactive also has some mounts, and high-vibration-environment cradles.

I've had good luck with the Garmin Fortrex 101. It's tiny and waterproof (I jetski with it). On the bike, I've used the Garmin handlebar mount and also simply used the included wriststrap to attach to my crossbar pad. Look close and you can see it on my crossbar pad in this picture:


thanks, some good info to look into.......... :thumbsup:

The Garmin 60 series works good. :thumbsup:


Just got a garmin 60cs...nice unit.Gotta figure out how to mount it.Hey hawk,is that the road up and over four peaks in your pic?

I have the 60cs, I bought a mount here

just call them instead of digging through

the many mounting options on the web page


Just got a garmin 60cs...nice unit.Gotta figure out how to mount it.Hey hawk,is that the road up and over four peaks in your pic?

I was impressed by all of the different GPS options that people had on their bikes down in Baja.

All of them were hard wired in, and quite a few of them had an external antenna either mounted on the front fender or the rear fender so it could get a better view of the sky.

Yea, that's the road going down the back side of Four Peaks (El Oso road). I'm planning a DS ride up to Snowflake from Mesa. Should be about 90% dirt. El Oso is on the route.

Hawk,that sounds awesome. Are you going solo?I just did a ride last weekend solo,600 miles,about half dirt roads and jeep trails.went through San Manuel and followed the San Pedro to Benson,did a nice loop from Tombstone into the dragoons,and from Bisbee to Nogales along the border.This weather is sure giving us some nice riding,but i am afraid the forests are agonna be closed before too long....Send me an email and give me some info on your ride,and let me know if you are takin on other riders....Tom

CycoActive is great. They "hardened" my Garmin V and sold me the hardwire setup since our trusty 650's have no battery. I started off with an IMS bar mount. The bar clamp and rubber suspension is awesome but the cradle is a joke. I asked them if they really expected me to trust a piece of 1/2" wide velcro to keep my electronics off the ground (never had a problem before....duh). CycoActive again. Touratech is the cradle answer! What a magnificent piece of fabrication!

So I drilled and filed a little and mated the two (and replaced the black soon to rust screws IMS provides with sensible stainless ones). I admit.....several dollars but the "right" off road mount doesn't exist.

I could give you pictures if you like.

Ditto on the GPS V. Bomb proof and well proven. If you live next to a BestBuy store, they've been on constant 'clearance' for some time now; I picked up a few for $160 new, and they had their floor models available for $145 (if you don't mind your buttons a little 'mushy').

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