Leavn Cal. Looking in TN.

Thinking about leaven So. Cal. I'm probably going to end up medically retired in the next year, "long story." Tired of the rat race. Everything is to expensive, and i'm tired of the people, "not all of them, but you should see some of the idiots that ride out here." I'm looking at property in the northeast area of TN. I'm going to visit this summer, but if anyone has any input that would be awesome.

Thanks :

I live in West Tennessee, but worked in East TN for 2 summers. Absolutely beautiful


i prefer southeast tenn over north east tn. you have better chance of snow and quicker to some bigger hills, but in SE TN we are within 2 hours of 3 large metro areas for that kind of fix. we have a little bit better access to kayaking and rock climbing, they have snowboarding proximaty(sp?) Asheville is lovely though. we have had a lot of riding areas open back up too, and georgia has lots of state areas that are close.

I live in Cleveland, Tn. I'm 30 minutes from Chattanogga and an hour and a half away from some of the best riding in the south. Cleveland has plenty of places to work and a lots of land around. LayoutD pretty much hit the nail on the head. Crime in the area is very low also. Meth is big but isn't that everywhere now?

The cost of living is also low.

Hope this helps. Keep us informed.

I need some new riding buddies :thumbsup:

I'm really pumped. I'm looking in the northeast because there seems to be a lot of water, (wakeboarding in the summer." I really want a good size piece of property, (10 Acers(SP) or so.) I'm going to fly out this summer and really check it out. I appreciate all the replies, please keep them coming. When I get out there i'm going to want to hook up and get to know the riding areas. :thumbsup:

Looking forward to hook'n up and tearing it up. :thumbsup:

There are plenty of water areas created by TVA in the area. Tn has it all.

the lakes are larger in southeast tn vs northeast. the northeast portion of the state is the headwaters for most of our rivers. i traded my boat in for a motorcycle. i live in chattanooga, and would get off work at 5 put in downtown and wake until dark. there are lakes all over the place. boat was a little too small and old.


Unfortunately Meth is always around construction. I guess you have to stay awake to build at the rate they do now! Not the stuff I work on though.

I am still doing recon for the Western Nashville I-40 corridor, going again on the 15th of March, going to really focus on Franklin, Bellevue, Bellemeade, Fairview, maybe Pegram and Kingston Springs. Should find some small acreage (2-6) and 2000 ft house w/ garage and barn.

Keep us informed.

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