i got a new bike

this thing is fast. Ducati monster 900ie



I was getting ready to ask if you are from New York as thats what the background looked like to me then I saw from your profile you were. I love New York City it has to be one of my favorite places I have been.

Hey! Put that thing in the Ducati monster 900ie forum where it belongs! :thumbsup:

Nice bike!

yeah i grew up here. its not the best place to ride a bike though. i have to go a ways to find twistes or trails. i once rode my DRZ an hour and a half to a motocross track and then rode it home. not the smartest thing to do because i twisted my forks and had to ride home on the highway like that. :thumbsup:

Hey! Put that thing in the Ducati monster 900ie forum where it belongs! :thumbsup:

Nice bike!

i already have :thumbsup:


Got LoJack?

I know a website that has killer mirrors made for those bikes....they cost around 150 bones,but they look fuggin sweeeeeeeeeet. Pm if ya want it....

Don't show me that!!!! Looks too good. "You'll shoot yer eye out"


Nice....but my Buell XB12S will smoke it....and

1. It's American (kinda-sorta)

2. It requires no REALLY EXPENSIVE Desmodromic valve adjustments.

3. I pay Cheaper Insurance

4. It requires no REALLY EXPENSIVE Desmodromic valve adjustments

5. Buells are much more exclusive

6. It requires no REALLY EXPENSIVE Desmodromic valve adjustments

7. Buells contain more high technology (fuel in frame, oil in swingarm, perimeter brake rotor, underbelly exhaust w/valve, open and closed loop FI, Brembo made swingarm....etc. etc.


8. It requires no REALLY EXPENSIVE Desmodromic valve adjustments!!!!!!

Nah, just playing with you. Damn nice Duc ! Ride the hell out of it.....just watch out for those Buells! ;-)



You both need to check out this site DML

It's like Thumper Talk for Monster's.

Go make some friends :thumbsup:

Picking on a poor newbie Ducati 900 owner like that.

You should be ashamed :thumbsup:

Now put you Buell against a 4V Monster S4R :bonk:

sweet ride

i knew about the expensive services before i bought it but i just could not help my self. the styling is just awsome. i also know that the HP (85) is not like these other sport bikes that have like 140 HP but its not about that. its like the DRZ you either love it or hate it and i love both my bikes. i am already on the DML site, its the thumpertalk for monsters. :thumbsup:


Buells and Harleys are not even in the same league!

If I was buying another streetbike, it'd be one of those, or a Triumph Speed Triple.


Nice, i like Monsters, but they don't survive well kept outside in the UK.

And don't listen to the "Expensive Valve Service" bit, just get a manual and take your time.

If the average idiot, in the service shop can do it, so can you.

Neil. :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

I recently sold my Ducati 900SS to get a DRZ-SM. I did 100% of my own work on it, and it's really not bad if you're not ham-fisted.

The biggest hassle with valve adjustments is finding a sympathetic dealer who'll let you visit with their valve shim inventory with your micrometer while you pick out what you need. The good ones will swap with you on a 2 1n-1 out basis or something similar.

Otherwise it's just a typical euro-bike, and the build quality has improved over time, and they're more like Asian bikes these days.


Sweet bikes. Someday I'll own an S2r Dark or S4r...Always wanted one.

Very sweet looking. The rear end is very smooth and sleek, but I bet passengers take one look at it get scared of falling off the back.

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