6 feet of vert!!!!

Hit this hill last weekend, its about 200 ft tall with about 6ft of vertical right at the top. For me on my 450 Im in 3rd on on the gas hit it perfect till that lip looked like a missile headed to the moon,almost but no dice. :thumbsup:

This is for the guys better than me,how the hell do you make such a hill!!! :thumbsup:

well great question. i have stared those bad boys down many of times, and everytime i just sit on the gas cap and grab throttle and hang on for dear life. i think hitting a 6 ft wall in 3rd is oneway. but maybe try dropping down to 2nd and slow it up and use more of the momentum really than speed. u might bounce off that 6ft wall.

Most of those kind of hills that we hit are pretty steep but this one is just plain :thumbsup: For me once i hit the vertical part of the hill and get my front wheel off the ground I hit my front brake bring my front end down and over the hill,after that its just a matter of feathering the rearend to follow. :thumbsup: But this hill Im the only one that tried it . My boys I was riding with said I was a little :bonk: Id have to agree.

As once said by a pro offroad rider to a newbie

Newbie:How do you go so fast over the whoops?

Pro: I shut my eyes.

Maby this will work on the hill?

Here's how. Be sure that when you get to the vertical part you are standing. As your front wheel begins to climb the vertical part, throw your body forward and downward (kind of like trying to jump through the handlebars). This makes sure that the CG of you/bike is moving forward (toward the hill, not away from it). Once you get your front wheel up over the lip, keep your nose on the front fender, and ease up on the throttle, so your back tire can get some grip, and get you up on over the top.

You don't want to hit it too fast, as suspension rebound will tend to push you away from the hill. You do want a good amount of momentum, but not too much. A slight wheelie helps a bit just to ease the transition from the hill to the vertical part. The idea is to "blend" into the vertical, not "slam" into it.

That sounds like some great riding info :thumbsup: Ill try it out this week when we head back to the hill,sounds to me I dont need to bang up in third on this hill :thumbsup:

if at all possible, try and find a smaller vertical hill. Alot smaller actually and practice on that.

Also, once you get up to the vertical end of the hill, feather the clutch a little but stay at the same throttle, this will slow you down a little bit so you won't rocket straight up, just remember to use the clutch and not blip the throttle, otherwise that engine braking could make bad things happen.

Keep your momentum moving horizontally, and once you're over the top and airborne, use your brakes and cut the throttle to rotate the bike forward.

Go try it and tell me how it works, cause I sure as hell ain't gonna do it :thumbsup:

b4 u do it, get ur friend to put it on video. i wanna see this.

me too!!!

can't wait to try some of those bad boys this spring since i haven't ridden my 450 offroad yet

I think I can help here as well.

The idea of going over the vertical, is to actually go THROUGH the vertical wall. you have to pass your energy(momentum) through the wall, by throwing you weight straight and down to get over the hill. To explain it better, watch pole-vaulters. They are able to jump so high by passing their energy UNDER the bar. Watch pole-voulting in the old days and you'll understand why TODAY we can jump so much higher.

Ive done about a 4 foot vert climb like that, what I do is lighten the front end coming up to the vert part so it doesn't throw me off, then once I get to the vert part lean far forwards and gas it, then let off the gas as soon as my front wheel goes over.

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