$1000 for new FCR and Yosh...is it possible?

Anyone seen better than this?

yosh rs3 full

$387.42 + ? shipping

JC motors

or e-bay @ $419.00 + 15.00 shipping

Man, I hate to be a cheapskate, but I gotta make those pennies last. I've got $1000 to do the FCR MX and exhaust, plus I still need a mcct and a few other things.

Looks like Sudco is it for the carb, as per the "Burned way" thread.

Suggestions anyone? I wish I could get it all from one place (like here)... :thumbsup:

An FCR/yosh/mcct package at a small savings would be ideal, especially with tax season here...


It's not being a cheapskate to look for the best deal and give companies that offer the best prices your business.

As you've seen, the full Yosh is available for under $400 and the FCR can be had for under $500. So you should have a penny or two left for other things.

Anyone seen better than this?

$387.42 + ? shipping


That's a great price, the lowest I have seen. You can try to use the Thumper talk 110% low price guarantee to beat it.

Check it out here:


I would suggest the same thing. I got mine for $391 shipped from TT...sounds like you could get even better.

keep watching ebay for a carb.you never know

I did an Akrapovic Ti system and an ebay find "classic" FCR 39 for right around a G. Keep looking, be willing to do some research, and you can do better than the bolt-on $500 kit from CPW.

If you get the pipe for $400, the FCR kit from CPW for $500 ($525 w/ choke) and a K&N filter (or a TwinAir for offroad) you've got enough left over for a few tanks of vitamin G... :thumbsup:

Got my Yosh on Ebay (turned out to be a fellow TTer) for $350 and my FCR in the TT classifieds for $200. So, yes, it can be done.

I get an FCR for 180 Euros and I'm selling mine for 250 E, they're getting cheap. Keep in mind that greece is the place to get f**cked when buying moto parts.. 100% more than usa sometimes..

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