Float bowl crack

I have an 05WR450. I noticed fuel leaking from my float bowl overflow hose. I took the bowl off and saw a small crack inside above the drain screw.

I figure a tightened it to tight and stressed it to the point of cracking. Does anyone know where to buy the bowl? I checked sudco, they want $150.00.

Any suggestions?


JB Weld

I thought about JB weld, but was afraid of it coming off. I didn't know what it would do to the engine.

If it came off, it would have to be in small enough pieces to get sucked up the main jet. Also, these pieces would likely sink to the bottom of the float bowl.

I don't think it will come off, as I've heard of people using it in the past. Just put a bit of grease on the drain screw, so the JB Weld doesn't bond to it, and be sure and twist the drain screw occasionally as the JB Weld sets. It shouldn't be a problem.

If it really worries you, you should be able to buy a new float bowl from Yamaha or Sudco.

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