DRZ400 Lean Idle? jetting check

Hi I am looking for some clarification and suggested jetting.

I have a 2000 drz 400E the original owner drilled out the OEM exhaust baffels and jetted it to run quite well. 165 main jet, needle says "OBDX P" clip 4th from top. I live @~500', Coast enricher is intact.

I recently installed a full Yosh SS system RS-3. and I am wondering if I need to change anything? at idlel the head pipe glows red in daylight. I know it is thinner and will get hot... but the Yosh instructions do caution about "head pipes glowing visible in normal light may indicate an excessivly lean condition that must be corrected"

So my question is what else should I check? What should I have for Pilot jet, air jets, fuel screw setting, etc? I would like check for and correct any "excessivly lean condition"

Thoughts on the PAS? or extended fuel mixture screw?

Thanks for any help

its a CYA warning.does the bike idle well?you need to move the clip to 5.


wow that was quick. Yes it does idle well.

I will try 5 from the top? Is this needle good/correct? Is there anything to be gained by JD or other needle? I'd apprecieate your opinion on the needle?

I forgot to add snorkel is removed.

Thanks for your help!

that is the stock needle and clip position.it works ok.

JD kit is a good choice.you can also use a EMN needle.i use it with very good results.

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