chinese 50 help

:bonk::bonk: hey my grandpa just bought me and my cuzin 2 knock off bbr 125's. and we cant get them to run just seems like there starving for gas or runs well while its idleing but when u get goin they just take a fat shit :eek: so if u have any suggestions let me know

:eek::bonk::thumbsup::thumbsup::lol: lol any help wood be cool

I've seen this problem before with chinese bikes, try raising the float level

alright hope it works :thumbsup:

Your Jetting Sounds To Rich

Change the oil right away to something better if you didnt. My bbr clone had a shitty plug in it and it would idle, but then break up as you gave it throttle, All i did was clean up the plug and re-gap it.

Its gonna be the float level

Still got the choke on?

clogged main jet maybe

check your wiring, mine ran like crap because of one bad connection. The wire that gave me problems was the one uder the seat in the back.

Still got the choke on?

Haha, done that once or twice myself. Always a bitch.

Do not over oil the air filter, causing too much restriction of airflow

Did you figure your priblem out?

yeah it the whole choke thing is confusing for me wit the chinese bikes...ill make sure i change the oil and put a new plug in as well as all the other stuff u guys told any suggestions for the oil i shud put in or can i just put in the same oil as my 250f :thumbsup:

the bikes are at my grandpas house and ima be over there this weekend

check your gas cap if it is venting correctly or not. i had the same exact problem with my monster 125 bike and it turns out the gas cap was corroded through the venting holes and it wasnt able to vent. was kinda tricky. i had taken all the gas lines off and turned the fuel on to see if any fuel was flowing and it wasnt. so i went to drain the gas outta the bike because i was thinking it was the on/off fuel valve that i was having leak problems with in the past and when i started unscrewing the cap gas was coming out of the lines. turns out some kinda glue they used on the backside of the gas cap got corroded and closed up the venting holes. easy fix but kind of a tricky 1. keep in mind, this was a brand new bike. hope this helps.

^^^^That's the exact problem my buddy had with his bike to.Well slightly different but it was his breather pipe was blocked.

Haha, done that once or twice myself. Always a bitch.

:thumbsup: yeah, me too....

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