Carnegie hare scramble

This weekend there is going to be a carnegie hare scramble. I was wondering how difficult it is and which trails does the course use. Also I was wondering if the sunday track is different from the saturday one and how difficult is each one. Im not sure if I should ride my old crf150 on sat or my new 426. I dont want to mess up my new bike and also im not very used to it so i might not be able to do the whole course. Any advice is appreciated, thanks :thumbsup:

Go to and follow the links to the race schedule. Last year the C race was about 10 mile loops and for the most part isn't on marked trails. Alot of nice steep hills. With the rain this week it could get pretty interesting.

I rode it a few years ago.

The course started by the MX track

SRI Loop

Golden Eagle Trail

Los Osos...

Basically a lot of the trails shown above Carrol Canyon.

I crashed pretty good on my first loop.

It should be fun.

it says something about proper backround colors is it ok to have just plain white?

look up the rule book for ama d36 and it will tell you what info you need as a C rider..... :thumbsup:

it says something about proper backround colors is it ok to have just plain white?

C class is white with black numbers. Since this is your first race, they will give you a temporary number when you sign up for D36. Most likely you'll end up using electrical tape on your white plates, or a vendor may be selling numbers.

Wow... that race is going to be interesting. Especially with the amount of rain we are getting. The trails are going to be like snot. I'll bet it gets postponed.

ill be there, raced it last year and had a blast. my girlfriend will also be racing on saturday. just grow a pair and ride the 426 on sunday. :thumbsup: the saturday track is designed for young kids and women.

Two of my buddies are riding in it on Sunday. I'll be there breaking in my new pony.

im pretty sure im going to race the 150 (give me a break im 13 and only ridden the new bike twice) a bunch of my friends are also probably racing in my class and so is my bro (only if i stops raining soon) it sounds like a lot of fun and i really hope it doesnt rain too much

I posted about this race too...Sorry I didn't see this.

Redryder and I will be there to race on Sunday in the Vet C Class with a few friends. We are a bit worried about the weather too. Last year there was a ton of rain on Friday and a bit Saturday. things dried out fairly quick due to the nice weather on Sunday. There were a few really snotty parts though. The motocross track was a mess and there was a huge mud bog at the bottom of a steep down hill. The race was a blast none the less. Look for us there. Redryder(Leo) has a CRF 450 with a polished frame and Black Excell wheels and I(Rick) have a Black KLX 400 with Monster Graphics and #237V.

By the way the # plates in our class are white backrounds and black #'s. :thumbsup:

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